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Look no further. We are the experienced team ready to meet all your specific staffing needs with utmost dedication and confidentiality. Let us handle the job for you.
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What Do We Offer?

TxMQ Staffing offers full service professional staffing and solutions and embraces a flexible methodology to ensure your needs are met. Every Client is unique, so every search is unique. We’ve found through experience that a flexible process will produce the best overall results for your company. We have over 30 years of experience with long term contingency staffing partnerships based on trust, dependability and success across a multitude of service offerings.

What fits your current and/or future needs?

Professional Search and Recruitment is a bit of a science. It requires the right strategy, understanding and experience and each position and company is different in their needs. We bring years of experience placing top level Executives to junior Engineers and everything in between within a variety of manufacturing industries. We are ready to learn about your company and your needs and become a valued partner in staffing.
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TXmq Employers 1

Direct Hire Placement

When you’re faced with a full-time permanent job opening and aiming for exceptional talent, Direct Hire Placement emerges as the ideal choice. Time constraints, limited resources, and a lack of networks for managing the hiring process with your current staff can be overwhelming. Perhaps you do possess the time and resources, yet continue to grapple with finding the perfect fit.

For core positions that demand unwavering commitment within your organization, the Direct Hire placement route typically stands out as the most effective strategy. This is because the most exceptional candidates are usually rooted in full-time, permanent positions, making them less inclined to entertain offers of a lesser nature. Direct Hire candidates actively seek permanence and stability, along with the allure of benefits, a company to embrace as their home, and a team that feels like family. Opting for Direct Hire empowers you with control over the hiring process, fostering improved retention rates, elevating candidate quality, boosting overall productivity, and ultimately yielding long-term cost savings. You can confidently select candidates knowing that our Direct Hire Placement services include a guarantee.

Contract to Hire Placement

Contract to Hire allows you to evaluate a candidate for a full time permanent opportunity within your organization before making that long term commitment. This option provides a low-risk approach to a long term need. At the end of the contract period, your company will have the option to convert the employee to the full time permanent role, extend as a contractor, or end the Contractor’s assignment
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Contract Placement

Contract placements offer your company a low-risk and shorter-term commitment to a candidate. This approach can benefit your organization by providing flexibility in cost and time management. Whether you require additional “hands on deck” during larger projects or the specialized expertise of a subject matter expert (SME) for a specific duration, contract placement is the solution.

With the contractor remaining on the TxMQ payroll, we assume all associated risks, liabilities, and responsibilities. This includes unemployment coverage and the management of all administrative functions, regulatory compliance, and tax records.


TxMQ has been supporting clients with payroll services for years, enabling them to save time, money, and effort on back-office tasks while focusing on business growth. Payrolling a candidate offers cost savings, risk mitigation, rehiring furloughed/laid-off staff, project staffing, on-the-job evaluations, internships, and compliance with corporate hiring freezes. Our payroll services facilitate workforce scaling without increased headcount and administrative costs. We handle all payroll functions, tax withholding, unemployment insurance, compensation claims, and related tasks. Converting a candidate to a full-time employee later incurs zero conversion fees.

TXmq Employers 1
TXmq Employers 1


We offer complete criminal background investigations, drug and other screenings with unbundled pricing and competitive rates for volume accounts.

Allow us to help your organization meet the challenges of today’s competitive candidate market by reaching out to our team today!